Are you a client and have something to say about your Brickland Experience? We love hearing from you. Please take a moment and send us a note and tell us how we did.

Our search for a builder was extensive and included interviews with 7 different builders. We met each builder, however, when we met with Brickland things were different. The entire team was present, professional, answered all our questions and made us feel like they would be a true partner throughout the entire process. Rosemary was poised and professional and Ed is very construction savvy and to the point; together they make a great and competent team. They were a great sounding board for our ideas and plans. We greatly appreciated that they always wanted us to stay as close to our budget while listening to our desired outcome.
My father, now retired, has worked in commercial construction his entire life, and even built two homes himself. Watching our home go up and having my father walk my property and have nothing but positive things to say throughout the process gave me peace of mind about our build quality. Ed takes pride in his work, and it shows. We always saw someone from the Brickland Team on-site when contractors were working; Justin, Dave, and Jarrett...THANK YOU!

Through the process we had direct access to the architect. Justin was our point of contact and proved many times over that their goal was to build us a quality home and see us happy with the result.  Throughout the process the entire Brickland Team worked together professionally and transparently communicated with us.

We are so happy that we selected Brickland and happy to recommend them.  WE LOVE OUR HOME!  And when the build is complete Joey Galloway helps coordinate and take care of post move-in items.  Joey is excellent, pleasant to work with, and very responsive to our requests.  None of our post move-in concerns have been ignored and Brickland has remained just as responsive as they were from that initial meeting.

Our advice to prospective Brickland customers; your search is over, absolutely use this builder!! We had so much fun throughout the process we could do it again!!


Victor and Violet Zavala

Prospective Brickland Customers,

We want to take a few minutes and share the wonderful experience my wife and I have had building a home with Rosemary, Ed, Justin and their Brickland Homes Team.

We will first say, this review has so many positive remarks that it may seem like it’s not real or that we have some other motivation.  This review is authentic and we are more than happy to unpack the entire experience with anyone that has detailed questions.

Three weeks ago we closed on the home that the Brickland Team spent the previous 20 months helping us visualize, design from scratch, and build.  It started with a vision and a dream.  They listened and cared throughout the process and held our hand every step of the way, to help us build the exact home we wanted.  Both my wife and I honestly felt like Rosemary, Ed and Justin were our “Advocates” in EVERY instance ….. we always felt like they were listening and had our best interest in mind, even when we made changes mid-stream on a few items and we made a few decisions that made Ed raise his eye brows.

We selected Brickland because they were one of a few builders the developer highly recommended.  We explored deeper by having a detailed conversation with a long time friend that is VERY anal/discriminating and had built with Brickland in the same neighborhood a few years prior.  His endorsement meant a lot …. He shared that “Brickland will build the best quality home for you, and they operate with their own Subs that do great work and will be more nimble to attend to your needs than other builders.”  That recommendation has proved to be true.

The way that Rosemary, Ed and Justin work together is so fun to watch.  They made the whole process personal.  Rosemary is such a sharp business women and was genuinely interested in our needs.  There were multiple times she quickly answered “Yes we can do that” before we finished asking, and then facilitated it getting done.  She literally never said “No”.  Ed is the true father figure that is the “overseer” and always making sure things are “right”, and was in the details of “the build”.  Justin is the humble, smart, progressive minded son that can design and build anything from a scratch pad or a CAD design.  We often asked for his vision, and he exceeded our expectations on numerous elements of the house. We would share a vision and then we would show up, and he had made it better than what we described.  Additionally,  I will share that it always felt like they were anticipating our needs.  They are “salt of the earth” people. Their Superintendent Jarrett is so responsive and fits the “mold” of the team…. He shares the “can do” attitude ….. and even to this day after closing is so responsive and helpful.

We spent a lot of money on this house, and did not cut any corners ….. and throughout the process we always felt like we had financial clarity.  We knew exactly what our costs would be and I felt like they were our advocate, spending great effort to find the best quality and lowest cost solutions.  We never felt nickel and dimed, and that feeling alone is reason to entrust them with your dream home.

There are more details we are happy to elaborate on …we are transparent people.  With that said, not everything went perfect; there were a few mistakes and some items we didn’t like once they were already in place.  How they reacted to resolving these instances was consistent with their quality and caring approach.  One example was we decided “I think we want to redo that painted island and change it to stained wood” after the island was already completed from our original plan.  We didn’t feel frustration from them, but rather they listened and then went to work to make it just how we wanted it, and the island was reworked within a week.

My wife and I highly recommend Brickland Homes to any person wanting to build an Executive level, high quality custom home. They are professionals and operate with the highest level of integrity.  They built our home in a very personal manner with a level of craftmanship that makes us feel this very expensive home has great value.

Thank you,

Dear Ed & Rosemary,

As we have completed 3 months living in our new house, I want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and your team for building our dream home.

In my Career, we have relocated six times and built new homes in six states, working with small to mega home builders. Our experience with Brickland Custom Homes was by far the most pleasant and memorable.

From my first call to you in late 2021 to this day, your professionalism, attention to detail, commitment to Quality were excellent. Your field team’s project management skills, expertise and craftmanship has truly reflected in the final product. We also greatly appreciate their willingness to listen to our preferences and offer professional insights and solutions.

Thank you for making the extra effort to deliver the home ahead of schedule to accommodate our tight move in schedule. Your attention to detail is evident in the superb finish, integration of modern amenities and overall aesthetics of the design.

Please convey our heartfelt gratitude to your entire team for making our dream home a reality. We look forward to many pleasant moments in this space.

From big to small. I love my “Harvey Rebuild”. I was so devastated after losing it all & when they said “Yes” Rosemary & Ed turned my world around. I love my Home & them!

The open communication and quick turnaround on phone calls was so much better than what my friends experienced with another builder. This simply could not have been better. And David would meet us at the house for any issues or questions. We would also send text pics with things we have questions about and those were quickly resolved as well.

...My husband's best friend told us to be prepared-  that NO ONE loved their builder by the end of the project. Well, we did! And still do. And my best friend, who used another builder, wishes she had used them after she saw how amazing they were!

My wife and I have been together for 55 years and have moved 22 times around the USA and Europe. We have lived in apartments, military housing, tract homes and custom homes.
The house that Brickland Homes built for us in Conroe is absolutely the best home that we have inhabited. It is well designed and was built well. Their sub-contractors performed their work in a professional manner. Understandably, the finished product is excellent, and the appearance is outstanding. It has exceeded our expectations! Note: we appreciated that the ’subs’ shared ideas about improving our plans.
We endorse Brickland Homes without reservation. They delivered everything that they promised, on time. They have been very understanding and responsive in performing the few minor repairs and changes that have arisen after we took possession of our home. Ed, Rosemary and Justin have treated us like family and with a high degree of patience/professionalism.

We are very happy we made the decision to build with Brickland Homes.
We got everything we wanted for the budget we set. They took all the worry from us.
Brickland Homes did everything they said they would do and more.
They exceeded our expectations. Anytime we had any concerns,they got right back with us and eased our minds.
We could tell they built our home as if it were their own and that meant the world to us.
If your considering building with Brickland,you will not be disappointed!
They truly care for you and building your dream home!
They did it for us!

...We absolutely love our new home and appreciate how much attention and care was given by you all to make building this dream home with us possible.  Working with you both and Justin was such a pleasure.

All the best,

I love my new house.  Especially Francisco's trim work  🙂

Thank you!

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you and Ed how happy we are having you build our home.  It has been a wonderful experience for Catia and I so far and we really appreciate that.We couldnt have chosen a better Company to build our home!

Very nice people to work with and hope to do business with them again.  Every person we have ever asked has had an amazing experience, their product and service is amazing.

I have worked as a Realtor in the Montgomery County area for the past 12 years and have had the opportunity to work with many builders.  Brickland Homes is a builder that I can honestly say do what they say they are going to do.  I have witnessed firsthand when I needed a plan revision, price quote or just an answer to a potential client question they told me when they would have it complete and then they delivered what they promised.  I find this one of the most important qualities when choosing a builder.  I have worked with Brickland Homes for the past 3 years in numerous transactions and have heard only good reviews from each client.  When working with a client, they take the time to perfect plans while designing a home that compliments the lot.  When I show one of their model homes, the quality and workmanship of the home stands out. For anyone looking for a quality, honest, detail-oriented builder, Brickland Homes is a great choice.

We interviewed several builders before choosing Brickland Homes to build our home and have never regretted our decision. From the design phase to completion of the home, we dealt with helpful, conscientious professionals. Since closing, all of our warranty concerns  ( and there were only a few) were promptly addressed. The entire experience with Brickland Homes far exceeded our expectations.

Brickland Homes has built two homes for me. The attention to detail and the customer service that Brickland provides is second to none. There seemed to be constant supervision on the job site and once I closed on my home, the warranty service was fair and thorough. There are many moving parts to building a home, and the owners and Brickland staff helped me every step of the way.

Many of neighbors' homes were also built by Brickland Homes, and I believe we all would highly recommend them. The building process was actually an enjoyable experience.

Building a home can be stressful but if you have the right builder it can and should be exciting and fun. We were fortunate to have Brickland Homes build our home. We had very specific ideas on the finishes we wanted in our home and were so pleased with all the custom options available to us. Brickland Homes made the whole building process easy! We absolutely give them a 5 star rating!


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