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My wife and I have been together for 55 years and have moved 22 times around the USA and Europe. We have lived in apartments, military housing, tract homes and custom homes.
The house that Brickland Homes built for us in Conroe is absolutely the best home that we have inhabited. It is well designed and was built well. Their sub-contractors performed their work in a professional manner. Understandably, the finished product is excellent, and the appearance is outstanding. It has exceeded our expectations! Note: we appreciated that the ’subs’ shared ideas about improving our plans.
We endorse Brickland Homes without reservation. They delivered everything that they promised, on time. They have been very understanding and responsive in performing the few minor repairs and changes that have arisen after we took possession of our home. Ed, Rosemary and Justin have treated us like family and with a high degree of patience/professionalism.

Ray and Sandy O.

Prospective Brickland Customers,

We want to take a few minutes and share the wonderful experience my wife and I have had building a home with Rosemary, Ed, Justin and their Brickland Homes Team.

We will first say, this review has so many positive remarks that it may seem like it’s not real or that we have some other motivation.  This review is authentic and we are more than happy to unpack the entire experience with anyone that has detailed questions.

Three weeks ago we closed on the home that the Brickland Team spent the previous 20 months helping us visualize, design from scratch, and build.  It started with a vision and a dream.  They listened and cared throughout the process and held our hand every step of the way, to help us build the exact home we wanted.  Both my wife and I honestly felt like Rosemary, Ed and Justin were our “Advocates” in EVERY instance ….. we always felt like they were listening and had our best interest in mind, even when we made changes mid-stream on a few items and we made a few decisions that made Ed raise his eye brows.

We selected Brickland because they were one of a few builders the developer highly recommended.  We explored deeper by having a detailed conversation with a long time friend that is VERY anal/discriminating and had built with Brickland in the same neighborhood a few years prior.  His endorsement meant a lot …. He shared that “Brickland will build the best quality home for you, and they operate with their own Subs that do great work and will be more nimble to attend to your needs than other builders.”  That recommendation has proved to be true.

The way that Rosemary, Ed and Justin work together is so fun to watch.  They made the whole process personal.  Rosemary is such a sharp business women and was genuinely interested in our needs.  There were multiple times she quickly answered “Yes we can do that” before we finished asking, and then facilitated it getting done.  She literally never said “No”.  Ed is the true father figure that is the “overseer” and always making sure things are “right”, and was in the details of “the build”.  Justin is the humble, smart, progressive minded son that can design and build anything from a scratch pad or a CAD design.  We often asked for his vision, and he exceeded our expectations on numerous elements of the house. We would share a vision and then we would show up, and he had made it better than what we described.  Additionally,  I will share that it always felt like they were anticipating our needs.  They are “salt of the earth” people. Their Superintendent Jarrett is so responsive and fits the “mold” of the team…. He shares the “can do” attitude ….. and even to this day after closing is so responsive and helpful.

We spent a lot of money on this house, and did not cut any corners ….. and throughout the process we always felt like we had financial clarity.  We knew exactly what our costs would be and I felt like they were our advocate, spending great effort to find the best quality and lowest cost solutions.  We never felt nickel and dimed, and that feeling alone is reason to entrust them with your dream home.

There are more details we are happy to elaborate on …we are transparent people.  With that said, not everything went perfect; there were a few mistakes and some items we didn’t like once they were already in place.  How they reacted to resolving these instances was consistent with their quality and caring approach.  One example was we decided “I think we want to redo that painted island and change it to stained wood” after the island was already completed from our original plan.  We didn’t feel frustration from them, but rather they listened and then went to work to make it just how we wanted it, and the island was reworked within a week.

My wife and I highly recommend Brickland Homes to any person wanting to build an Executive level, high quality custom home. They are professionals and operate with the highest level of integrity.  They built our home in a very personal manner with a level of craftmanship that makes us feel this very expensive home has great value.

Thank you,

I love my new house.  Especially Francisco's trim work  🙂

Thank you!

Cindy K.

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