Tips for Hosting an Open House

4365105_mPlanning to list your house and get it sold this year? Maybe you’re considering upgrading into a custom built home – we can help you with that!

Now is a great time to sell your home, considering the rise in prices and the decline in interest rates. Obviously, you need a buyer to close the deal, so how do you find one who will meet your price for the house? There are several ways to help you with this if you are willing to put in some effort.

An open house is one of the best ways you can find buyers who will be interested in your property. Though effective, they are not as popular as they used to be in the past because of security issues. Still open houses are a good way to attract buyers and you should definitely conduct one if you can.

Getting your house ready to show

Before the day of your open house, you should clean and organize your house.  Conduct an extremely thorough cleaning session using cleaning products that give off a pleasant fragrance instead of a sterile “hospital” smell.

Household odors and pet stains, as well as any other type of stains, will leave any buyer with a bad impression. The same can be said for messy, cluttered rooms. So while you clean your house, pay special attention to these things.

Got extra time on your hands? Instead of just cleaning, try to make your home appealing by taking on simple projects that will make buyers want see themselves living in your home. You can always hire a professional stager to help you find budget friendly ways to revamp your home.

Gaining attention of potential buyers

The primary goal of an open house is to gain the attention of potential buyers. But how do you make sure they attend the event and come see your home? According to a reputable real estate agent, you should utilize technology for this. Most buyers begin their search for homes online and if you spread the word on social platforms, people will take a notice.  Also, have your real estate agent put up a sign in your yard and in other major intersections of your neighborhood.

Connecting after the open house

Odds are there will be many potential buyers will see your house. So how do you contact them after the open house? Make sure your agent obtains contact information from them that can be used for follow ups. Request that your visitors write their contact details on log sheets placed by the front door or on the kitchen counter. Make sure your agent is courteous and guides them through your home; answering any questions along the way. When they are about to leave, they should be given a flyer that contains information about the property, along with your agent’s contact details.


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